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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 19, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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r co continues throughout the night and will, right here on fox newschannel, seconds from now. >> breaking news out of the boston area. we got him. the cry after the hunt for the boston marathon bombers ended in gunfire. >> i'm jamie kol -- i'm jamie colby. that is what folks heard, not once but twice today in watertown. but now, captured. that's what the boston police put out in a simple tweet, announcing the end of this manhunt for one of the two brothers turned suspected terrorists, actually. just in, we have this photo of
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the second suspect in the boston bombing, as atfr agents worked to stabilize him on the ground and in the back of an ambulance. mike tobin is in watertown, massachusetts, where they have seen a day like they never had before. i am certain of that, mike? >> reporter: certain of that. and this is where it all ended. you see the house behind me here, this is the house with the driveway at the end of the driveway was the boat where it all went down. it all went down, shortly after that lockdown was lifted. you heard that in the press conference. people could get out. they could walk around. they did that, as soon as they could, even though they had nowhere to go. once the pem were out on the street, suddenly we saw the police vehicles, the tactical team vehicle, racing through town. one after the other, after the other. the helicopter was up in the air and reports that shots had been firred at this location. it was a standoff. but ultimately, it was a matter of time before it was resolved. it was resolved without further
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loss of life. now, just on the other side of the police tape, here in watertown, residents were gathered around radios, listening to the latest details. they cheered when they heard a detail when they liked. they cheered loudly when they learned that it was over. they lined the streets and began cheering for the police officer, for the emergency responders, fact tactical teams, for the national guardsmen as they left this location, a spontaneous parade boiled up in the street, a spontaneous show of patriotism and in boston, they knew they took the hit, but america felt the pain, jamie. >> mike tobin, can you blame them, the excitement after such a day of stress. are they recovered there already? or do you think tell take days to come? >> reporter: it is getting to the point where the realization will sink in for the officer who is lost their lives and the people innocently standing, watching the race finish, when
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they were so badly injured or when they lost their lives. now is the time when they start thinking about that, because up to this point, you had the tension of a very real threat, someone armed and dangerous in their midst. and indeed, these people were in their midst. they never traveled very far at all, jamie. >> there is so much more to learn. mike, great job today. thank you so much. >> tonight, suspect number 2, novak is said to be in serious condition,ar a homeowner noticed a trail of blood. on his way to the hospital, where adam housley is standing by, joining us live. and adam, any word on his condition? is he still in surgery? >> reporter: yeah, gregg. we are told he is still in surgery. he has multiple gunshot wounds and surface wounds.
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he came here in pretty rough shape. doctors do say he will make it through. this ithe same hospital his brother was brought to you. they tried to revive his brother, but he died here. this is where novak suspect 2 in surgery. all the way outside, you can see a number of officers. this one has nine police officers. when you go inside, you can see them wandering around. this large campus of beth israel,ul find police officers, including at the children's hospital across the street. they are taking no chances here. we are told there are guards on the floor where the surgery's taking place. they are not afraid he is going to get away, but they want to ensure that no one gets to him. they want to make sure he is in complete lockdown, so if he does recover, for them, as part of this investigation, they will be able to ask questions for him. but it sounds like it won't be for quite sometime. we're at beth israel in boston.
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driving to the hospital, after they brought the body here of the second suspect, you came through parts of boston and you saw the restaurants reopen. you saw bars reopen. at one point, a bunch of college students, probably 500 shut down one of the streets and only let ambulances and police cars through, cheering. you can see, quite a celebration in boston. but at the same time, there is a lot of recovery ahead for so many people and so many families, gregg. >> there is word, obviously from the neighbor who discovered him hiding inside the boat that he saw blood, which would indicate he was wounded when he crawled in there to begin with. but there is the firefight when officers arrived. is anybody saying whether he was shot the night before last, last night or haven't they been able to determine that as yet? >> reporter: they haven't yet told us that, gregg. but you make a good point of there was a wound, there were already wounds because of the blood that was seen. have you to believe he had at
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least one gunshot wound he had been doling with. you don't know if there is another one. you heard the video and the sound of all of those gunshot when is he was found at the location this evening. so there is the potential that one of the wounds could have come from that. they haven't officially given us that information yet. one more note, take into account, not only did his brother die here. but doctors are working to save this man's life, the same hospital where many of the victims were brought and are still here in recovery from his bomb, alleged bomb that went off on monday, not far from here, gregg. >> well, they have an oath to save lives, no matter who it is. and so that's what they are doing right now. adam housley live at beth israel hospital. adam, thanks for the latest info. >> the crisis that kept a city in a near state of paralysis since monday is over. folks in boston are not wasting any time, celebrating in the streets after learning of the
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capture of two suspected terrorist brothers. let's go to a specialist in counter terrorism. it's great to have you here. you are a former deputy assistant director of the terrorist division of the federal bureau of investigation. after looking at your resume, it's hard to imagine another search and recovery like this one. that you haven't been involved in, including the unabomber capture. i appreciate your being here. thank you. >> thank you. >> what are your thought as we look at how this unfolded. my hat goes off to law enforcement. we can only hope they will get the information as this goes forward. >> all week log, i am overwhelmed at the public support, the cooperation between the public, the law enforcement and the media and the way the word got out and the outpouring of help. i think back to the times i was working on the unabomb and atf and postal inspection service and working in the mountains of
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western north carolina, on the olympic bomber, eric robert rudolph. one of the things that came back to me as i thought about those days and i watched these people in action, they worked hard all week. they are exhausted. the people of boston are composted. and tonight, they show the world and set an example what have america's all about in the face of tential tragedies. i also think back and can't help but to wonder and think about the fact we are sitting here on top of april 19, april 20, these are significant days to anyone who has worked terrorism. this is the anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing in april of 1995. it is also the day april 20, where the unabomber mailed his last package. i started thinking about the families and the victims of these crimes and the people who were so courageous and set such examples for us. and how our lives became intertwined and how years later, we still talk and we are still friends and have affected each other by the way we were brought
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together -- >> in a way -- >> in boston -- [overlapping dialogue] >> people are going to really realize that all of this was done because they worked so hard together. >> in a way, you're connected that we wish we weren't. this particular incident has some markings that seem unique to me. do you think this is the new face of terror? are tactics changing? in a sense, if they did it, they are home grown. but they probably have some connection overseas, yet no one's taken credit? >> well, that's a great question. over the next few weeks and months, hopefully, we will get clearer answers on this. even when i retired in 2001, we were concerned at the lone wolf-type bomber and the coming day when unfortunately, we might see the world of international terrorism collide with domestic terrorism. by that i mean, we might have people, maybe a single person or a couple of people, like we well here, maybe more than that, who
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are home grown and yet, somehow are attached to empassion the cause of international terrorism and somehow escaped and went under the radar. these are hard people to find. they are hard people to detect. no matter what age we live in, whether it's social media or all kinds of public health, these people often stay to themselves and we don't hear about them until the day they do something terrible like this. that's a nightmare for terrorist planning. we may very well be in that world at this point. >> let me ask you a quick question about the investigation, you spent time as i said in the counter terrorism division of the fbi. the fbi took the lead, the cooperation between the agencies was in my opinion -- you tell me-- the best we have ever seen. certainly better than on 9/11, in terms of communication and, look, it's been less than a week and it appears to be solved. my question to you is, the
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internet and social media can be your friend in an investigation, you can get the word out about details. but it can al tip off suspects. it can-- the internet can teach you how to make a pressure-cooker bomb, potentially. in this particular case, what are the questions that the investigators are asking themselves right now at this minute? what will they find on the internet and social media pages of these two individuals? >> well, in the next few weeks, they are going to find out everything there was to know about their lives. from day one, elementary school, high school, college, community college. they will find every one of their friend, their neighbors, they will talk to their family members and scour the social media, which as you said, we have available to us now. all of that will create a composite of how these people think, what they did, what they were doing in the days leading up to the bombing.
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whether we talk to him or he talks to us or not, we are going to have a pretty good idea what have motivated these people to do this. hopefully, we will have some answers so we can learn from lessons for the future as to our own techniques. is there anything we missed and could have done and didn't do. that's a common thing. we have to address and stand up and also examine our own mistakes, if we made any. but when you look at what happened this week and you look at the way people cooperated and worked, i have to say, i just was overwhelmed as we started this conversation out. but also, very, very proud. the people of america, the people of boston, the boston police department, atf,i, we could sit for a long time and not remember all the people who were involved. the people did a great public service. tonight, they are tired, about in a way, they are excited and the drop on the couch when they get home and hug their kids. they will hug their wives or husband... and they will be
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really realizing that we all have to be grateful for the things around us that mean the most to us. >> at the same time, our hats go off to everybody involved. our hearts are heavy with the people who suffered, including the people who discovered this guy in their back yard. they have to be a bit traumatized. before we go, i want to ask you, do you have a message for anyone that might be in association with these two brothers, if in fact they contributed to a.; pulling this off, radicalizing them, or b., helping them in terms of hiding, like this particular day, if they have assistance, as a former deputy assistant to the fbi in counter terrorism, what is your message to people who come on american soil and radicalize our citizens? >> i do have a message. this is not going to work t. hasn't ever worked in america. we are not going to be intimidated or coerced as a population, as a citizens by
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this. you need to step forward. you need to call the fbi yourself. you need to tell them who got ahold of you. who made you think like this and turn yourself in. you need to realize no matter what force is thrown against us here by whatever terrorist organization, it simply isn't going to work. >> i appreciate that so much. it's a pleasure to meet you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> gregg? >> after a very intensive investigation and a search, including a firefight, a couple of them -- one boston marathon bombing suspect is now dead. his younger brother and presumed accomplice is in custody. in a moment, we will be talking with a congressman on the intelligence committee. full coverage of all of this, coming up after the break. >> after a vicious attack on their city, bostonnians responded with resolve and determination. they did their part as citizens and partners in this
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investigation. boston police and state police and local police across the commonwealth of massachusetts responded with professionalism and bravery over five long days.
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>> following the deadly boston marathon bombing, it is revealed that the fbi had contact with tameri tsarnaev. he was interviewed in 20 lech, after an unnamed foreign government alerted it to possible extremist ties. we will talk about that wh peter doocy in washington. peter? >> reporter: jamie, they let him go, the fbi let him go two years ago because they didn't find anything to back up claims by a foreign government that this aspiring boxer had extremist ties. so the fbi closed the case. this all happened in the beginning of 2011, a little more than two years ago. the fbi loo through u.s. government databases for derogatory phone calls or online omotion of any activity. his travel history and education. the fbi was looking because an
10:20 pm
unnamed foreign government said they were having suspicions tamerian tsarnaev might have extremist ties. but the fbi found nothing. so they closed the case. then they apparently told this unnamed foreign government about the lackf extremist information that came in -- came up in their search. and they told this government that if they had any more concerns about thisan, tamerian tsarnaev, suspect number 1 or the man in the black hat, they should call bak, tell the fbi again. and the fbi would look again. but the foreign government, initially concerned 2 years ago about possible extremist ties never called back. >> very interesting information about one of the brothers. peter doocy, live in washington. peter, thank you. >> a member of the house committee on intelligence congressman adam shiv has been monitoring the situation, also a former federal prosecutor. so he understands how the investigation may unfold. what's the next step?
10:21 pm
he is live in his district in california. it's good to see you. >> good to see you, gregg. >> without compromising any classified information or national security, can you share any information about the suspected terrorists? >> well, i cel tl you what is probably going on right now behind closed doors. that is, there must be an intensive conversation between law enforcement and the intelligence community about how to handle this suspect, once he emerges from surgery and is stable enough to talk to i don't know what kind of interview they may have been able to conduct before heen into the operating room. but heas h not yet been mirandized, there is a public safety exception they are using and appropriately so. but that's limit of duration to allow law enforcement to gather information to protect the public. goes back to a case in new york, where they apprehended an armed suspect in a grocery store and the weapon wasn't on him and
10:22 pm
they asked him where the weapon was and the court found that that didn't have to be excluded from court because the law enforcement had an obgings to protect the public. that's very much implicated here. we need to know if there are other bombs, booby traps. but if the interview turns to gathering incriminating evidence against him, there will be a necessity to advise him of his miranda warnings. they are probably discussing the timing, the first priority to protect the public. but they don't want to jeopardize their case. but there is no much evidence, my guess that will be a lesser consideration in their deliberations. >> you are right. the public safety exemption-- the interrogation has to be limited and focused. but that's not the case if he were to be declared an enemy combatant. now senator lindsay graham says he should be declared an enemy combatant so a thorough
10:23 pm
interrogation, a lengthy one without limits could be undertaken. would you agree with that? >> i know, i think it's hard to judge from a distance, without greater information. so, no, i wouldn't be calling to treat him as an enemy combatant without more information. the consequence is, you treat him like an enemy combatant, you may have a longer interview that may or may not give you better information than if you mirandize him. but it poses a real problem, in terms of prosecutes him and bringing him to judge. the courts have had a better track record than the military commissions, many of which have been overturned on appeal or have stagnated. the priority is to get the best information. at the same time that this interview group is brainstorming over that, all the other intelligence communities are poring through just what you have been talking about, the contact by a prior government.
10:24 pm
chathey better than learned in those interviews and what kind of electronic communication they have had. was there any foreign direction to this? was this a case of self-radicalization? we will have a lot of good information about that in fairly short order. that's got to be the subject of intense research. >> the mere fact that a federal government contacted the fbi and said, hey, have you to take a look at this guy, suggests that he was either radicalized or recruited or even trained overseas? >> well, it certainly suggests that at least one government thought so. it will be very interesting to know which government that was. you could easily see, given the problems that russia has had with cheshia, it would be the russian government. we don't have the closest intelligence relationship with russia. but we do share a common concern over terrorism so much we do find ways to work together. it will be fascinating to see who was make iting the request and on what basis. there are time when is foreign
10:25 pm
governments may make that request or press that case because they have their own interest or concern about the particular person that may or may not be justified. so that -- you can imagine the kind of scrutiny that is being given right now. but we may get a lot of other clues completely separate and apart frf, from what kind ever web sites the brothers were visiting, what kind of messages they were posting. what they were saying to their associates and you can imagine there is going to be the most thorough vetting of these two, you know... probably historic terms. >> finally, congressman, there are two jurisdictions who could prosecute, obviously, state and federal. but mass miscellaneous in 1984, abolished capitol punishment. so any conviction on murder charges would end up with... no death penalty. the feds, however, could file terrorism charges and seek the death penalty. would you like to see the latter
10:26 pm
>> well, you know, i don't think i'm ready to say whether this should be prosecuted state or federalee. >> death penalty is really what i am asking. should they seek the death penalty? >> they will want to know, frankly, what was this younger brother's role? how much of his actions involved the actual construction of the bombs or the killing and how much was he under the direction of his older brother? i imagine that will be a primary dplrgz whether they seek the death penalty. that's a decision that is i think quite sometime down the road. right now, they want to make sure that the public is safe. there are no other device out there and they know, are these the only two involved? or were they getting foreign direction or other yet-to-be apprehended people. >> former federal prosecutor, thank you for taking the time. >> thank you, gregg. >> we really do appreciate t. who are these terror suspects in
10:27 pm
the deadly bombing that triggered the anger and determined effort to capture them? their story begins a half a world away. we will take a look at that and the latest on the condition of the suspect, taken alive, friday night. >> we have to figure out why. what is the root cause? i doubt it's just anger. i don't think one day, he got angry. i think there is serious planning that went into this. acceler-rental. at a hertz expressrent kiosk, you can rent a car without a reservation... and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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>> well, two young chechen men, accused of terrorist acts in boston. 26-year-old tamerian tsarnaev... 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, his brother, coming to america as children from the northern caucuses in rushia, living in the u.s. for years, as long as a decade. studying in our schools... only we can presume to become radicalized at a point, we do not know yet, allegedly striking back at the same country they had as a second home. >> we were not that concerned about the chechen community. i have been getting top-secret briefings almost 9 years. vinever heard threats from the chechen community. >> that was a very interesting point that the congressman made. in fact, i just got an email from someone in afghanistan,
10:32 pm
major general jim mcconville, who is there with our troops. we know historically, the chechens have had activity in afghanistan. but there doesn't seem to be any evidence of any threats on our soil here in the united states, from the chechens. this would be something new. and the question we will have to learn, as they review everything, including all the activities of these two brothers on the day of the marathon and since, is whether or not they had contact with anyone outside of the united states, any known jihaddists or terror groups. we did see them remove a computer today from the sister of the two brothers. perhaps there will be in -- will be some evidence there. one captured, in the hospital, having surgery right now. the younger of the two. one killed in a shootout with police that happened a day ago.
10:33 pm
and the question now, gregg, is whether or not they are connected. let's ask dr. walead farris, a fox news terrorism analyst. how important is it to find out what kecks they have, beyond each other? >> oh, very important because those connections are going to tell us two things. number 1, who actually radicalized them? everybody's talking about the phenomenon. it is not enough to be chechen or a russian or anything. who has radicalized them and who provided with the training, i mean, to organize this bombing campaign and to be trained to fight with law enforcement, killing one and -- for the second suspect, who survived, to be able for 3 days to resist law enforcement, that's a big question. >> you know, rebels with chechen ties have been known to use pressure cookers, as bombs.
10:34 pm
when you look at the sophistication of the devices, and you look at the overall picture of these two young men here for so long and then pulling off this act... now... is it pretty clear to you hearing about the travel of the older brother for six months, back to russia that there was some training high-level homeland security source ever mine told me today, it seems clear to him they had paramilitary training, even if you just look at their conduct during the shootouts... not today. but the prior night with the police. >> absolutely. there is a consensus among all the military experts, tactical experts i spoke with that they have at least basic militia training or military training, in terms of not just to create those bombs, the sophisticated -- non-sophisticated bombs, but how to place them, how to withdraw on time as we mentioned, the
10:35 pm
engagement with the law enforce scpment beyond that, let's go back to our own history here, over the past four, five years, we had more than 40 cases of similar attempts by different people, what connects everything is one ideology and a minimal training. many of those attempted to attack our homeland security went to training either abroad or tried to establish their own training camps in oregon, new york or in virginia. >> okay, that's fright frightening. what we have also heard that is of concern to me and others, no intel, other than hearing about the warning from this other nation about the older brother, previously. but with respect to this particular incident and knowing that soft targets including athletic events may be on the horizon, no chatter. and again, no claim of responsibility from any organization beyond these two
10:36 pm
brothers. does it have the hallmark or the markings of any particular group that you are familiar with? >> well, the jihad is everywhere in the world. should it be in central asia, the middle east or mostly in the west that would be europe or here. that's one point. number 1, the fact there is no chatter indicates this is highly professional. if there is too much chatter, thist wouldn't be what the enemy would like to believe, a stealth strike. number 2, the fact that we have been warned. we have seen this before. we have been warned by the europeans at in point, by the russians, the indians and even some of our arab allies, the problem is that there is a blindness here in washington with regard to radicalization, we keep bringing back that term. we have been told they are radicals, they are saying this, they are posting this, we ignore it, until they strike. then we go to the internet, of
10:37 pm
course, they were radicals. >> walid, the police working this particular case, potentially solving this, this quickly, keeping folks safe beyond the initial tragedy at the marathon, except for this -- m.i.t. police officer and another officer who is trying to recover -- is there a message in that for terrorists, that if you attempt this, you won't get away with it? is there anything that is discouraging to others who want to harm us by the way this was handled? >> look, if we use it well politically, meaning, what law enforcement has done and the fbi has done is great. we have been able to stop them, to go after them, very quickly, a brilliant idea of putting their pictures, all of that is very sophisticated on our behalf. our citizens', this lady today helped, everybody helped. but our president should go out and then deliver a very strong message and congressional leaders should go out and deliver a very strong message.
10:38 pm
this is not a little tragedy. this is not a chapter that has closed. this is going to be a long haul battle with these terrorists. >> dr. walid fares. we will talk to you again. >> thank you. >> with one captured and another in police custody, the mood in boston has certainly changed. [cheering] >> celebration tonight, all over boston, as residents take to the streets, grateful for an end to what has been a horrible week. >> i want to also just thank all of the members of the public, their extraordinary patience, their participation in this investigation, after reviewing photographs of their own and everythings that were up, through the media. we thank you for that and helping us... narrow in on
10:39 pm
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to hear more of terry's story, visit >> welcome back to our special coverage, the hunt for suspects in the boston marathon bombing is over. two chechen nationals are being blamed. 26-year-old tamerian tsarnaev and 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. refuge eyes moving to the u.s., away from the bloody violence of the northern caucuses in russia, an area known for radical extremist acts. joining us is our panel of terrorism experts. dr. walid fares and k.t. mcfarland. thank you, walid, for staying. k.t., is this just the beginning now of what is to come? >> yeah. you know, i think you had a good point. this may be the end in boston. it is the beginning of a mew wave. we are at war. it's gotten very complicate the.
10:44 pm
because we have gotten very good at shutting down the big stuff, you know, seeing money move across boundaries, big operational structures where they have, you know, the core of al qaeda, and getting motivated people to come, go to training camps and all the rest. now you are seeing people with american citizenship or american student visas and they are able to move freely in the united states. they may or may not have training. but it is so easy to do this. you can do it, literally from the stuff in your mom's kitchen. >> let me ask you this question, it's just an observation. allegedly they robbed a 7-eleven. right. >> they means to me, they weren't in for slurpees because they didn't have money. >> right t. wasn't that well planned out. >> okay. does that mean that they don't have anyone behind them? that there is no funding? there was no escape plan? >> they may know have been much of an escape plan. but they have had some kind of
10:45 pm
maramilitary training. they didn't just read about it on the internet, went to home depot, bought pellets and put them in a pressure cooker and that was it. they have more training than that. but what is important to think about, we have had disaffected young men. 50 years ago, disaffected young men, for whatever reason, they would get drunk and steal hub caps, whatever. now the disaffected men with that motive, they have a multiplier effect. they can get online and they see other people like them and now they have the means to do something about it. >> they are muslim -- walid. this is a sad statement for muslims in our country, i am sure. they would prefer these things not happen and impinge what they believe to be a very peaceful religion. where do we go from here, as all of these events happen isn't minds of americans, particularly those who are injured or killed, do change?
10:46 pm
>> well, that's true. but let's begin by educating americans and ourselves that there is a difference between being muslim or christian or jewish or member of any religion on the one hand and being radicalized into an ideology. so these two persons most likely we'll know more, probably with the interrogation, became jihaddists. in the arab spring, have you millions of people rising against the radical islamists. >> i want to ask you, what are your questions at this point? what are you asking yourself about what happened? and about these brothers? >> i am now concerned that they are small piece and a much bigger piece. they have been manipulated. the uncle was right. they have been raradicallized and one is dead and one is in custody. what is going to happen, that's the strategic result of this
10:47 pm
operation, we want tactically, they have been eliminated. but those on the outside, mark my words, it's rarely that i say that are going to be taking the footage of what happened and will come up with a narrative like this -- we shut down boston. two jihaddives were able to kill american, injure 100, kill a security officer and then boston was shut down for a few days. that's how they are going to frame it for the next gen rage, tell them, two can do it in boston, another two will do it in chicago or wawashuar or elsewhere. >> final thoughts? >> i will stick around. i think the important thing for every american to understand, this is just the beginning. you are going to see more and more against soft civilian targets, as long as people are willing to kill women and children and maybe kill themselves and along with tyou are going to see more and more. >> next segment, let's talk about how we can get smarter.
10:48 pm
>> right. >> all right. gregg? >> coming up, we are going to hear from an eyewitness to the dangerous situation that led up to the end of air frightening day for residents of watertown, massachusetts. >> we always want to take somebody alive so we can find out what happened, why it happened and we can hold them to justice.
10:49 pm
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>> after a five-day manhun, the search is over for two suspected accused of setting off explosives at the end of the boston marathon. one suspect killed in a firefight by police last night. the other suspect, injured also in the same shootout is in custody tonight. take a look at the events leading up to tonight's climactic end. >> after a very detailed analysis, a photo, video and other evidence, these are the two men that the agency believes were responsible for monday's horrific bombing at the boston marathon. >> this is a fox news alert, police are on the scene of a shooting incident at the massachusetts institute of technology in boston.
10:53 pm
>> officer down. >> campus police officer was shot, s.w.a.t. teams are around the area, all converging on the scene of the campus here at m.i.t. >> shots fired. >> there are various reports right now, two people wanted after a shootout and a shootout frankly that has massive amounts of gunfire that was exchanged back and forth. >> reports that they have explosives here at scene. >> it sounded like shotgun cell shells. >> at least 30 to 40 police cars in every direction. they went into full battle mode. they went down the street, looking side to side, door to door. >> they are armed to the teeth. >> on local fox twaigz, bost 26 is reporting that suspect number 1 is dead at a local hospital. suspect number 2 is not accounted for. >> we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people.
10:54 pm
>> he is in the area. >> there could be an ied explosive device itch there is a lot of law enforcement involved in that. >> turn yourself in. >> the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing is now down. >> 102 hours after bombs ploded near the finish line of the boston marathon, the terror gripping massachusetts has ended. one suspect is dead. police taking a second suspect into custody tonight, after a standoff in watertown, massachusetts. seven miles from where the blast occurred. craig boz women is in water town. that's the latest? >> reporter: good evening. we in downtown boston, since the threat to the city has been lifted, there is a tone shift in the city that is so polpable. people coming out on the street tonight, we have been talking all day about what a ghosttown
10:55 pm
this has been, in downtown, where people eye mean, think about it, 600,000 people, almost 700,000 in the city, thousands in the suburbs, told to stay inside for safety. this is a friday night into a saturday, like no other in the history of this city. even though the rain has pushed people off the streets, there is the people walking around here, without umbrellas, carrying green boston banners, american flags, they are celebrating that the threat this has lifted. they are mindful that just down the street, there is still a crime scene. there is an investigation going. there is a memorial to the victims of the three people that were killed there on monday. gregg, back to you. >> a lot of gratitude for law enforcement and all of the emergency personnel who have been involved over the last four very difficult day. craig bozwil, thanks very much. >> there is a suspect of terrorism in the hospital tonight, getting surgery, treated for injuries he got on the run from police.
10:56 pm
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